My Grand Mother Cece Lendeh, In RobertsportGrand Canoe Designs is a surface Imaging and design studio operating in Philadelphia and Maryland, USA.
My name is Lendeh, which means canoe or any mode of transportation, from point A to B in the Vai language. Vai is the first written language in Liberia before European introductions.  
I inherited both of my grandmother's names, Lendeh and Tata. My grandmother, Cece (sister) Lendeh was known to be a healer with an affinity for crochet and weaving. Since elementary age I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, and printmaking. 
Since 2004, my fascination with textiles has grown from hand painting on silk, screen printing, or making soft sculptures. My desire to delve deeper into digital print technology and textile design lead me towards obtaining a Master of Science in Surface Imaging and Design in 2018. 

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